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29 July 2020

Manage F5 BIG-IPs in Azure with Terraform Cloud

by Mark J Menger


IT Industry research, such as Accelerate, shows improving a company’s ability to deliver software is critical to their overall success. The following key practices and design principles are cornerstones to that improvement.

What’s the point

The demonstration resources described below show how tools like Git, HashiCorp Terraform, HashiCorp Sentinel, Chef Inspec and F5’s Automation Toolchain can be used to introduce some of the practices listed above to F5 BIG-IPs and the IT services they help deliver. By following along with the README in the demonstration repository and the video walk-throughs listed below, you should be able to run this demonstration and explore the implications for your own environments.


Setting up your demonstration automation host

Before running the demonstration code, you’ll need to set up the IDE host and the Azure account. Instructions for those steps may be found here

Video walk-throughs

What’s next?

If you’ve followed along through the all of the use-cases in the demonstration repository, you’ve see the following:

If you want to realize the benefits of these practices for your IT service delivery, please reach out to your F5 account team.

tags: big-ip - automation - hashicorp - terraform - devops