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29 July 2020

Does testing matter if you're doing DevOps?

by Mark J Menger


Throughout the IT infrastructure landscape folks are starting to make significant investments in deployment automation and source control management. Many are realizing the time to value benefits.

Knowledge Management 101

Without tests, there isn’t a clear understanding of a definition of “fit for use”. There are significant consequences when that definition doesn’t exist. Without the definition,

What do you value?

Testing tells us what we value and by implication what we don’t value. Too often the implicit test strategy is “toss it over the wall and see if anyone complains”. This has negative consequences in terms of performance, cost of delivery, and trust. If you perform no testing before handing off to your clients there is an implication of disinterest, or at best ambivalence, about your customer’s experience. Manual testing is a valueable step in the proper direction, but it is not a

Things to say about testing

Things to test for

What can you do about it

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